Saturday, 24 July 2010

Stick your iPad...

See this is the sort of thing I'd buy for a dollar.

Can't be doing with that shoddy hipster pretense that £stupid on some cynical piece of tech-envy was 'money well spent' because it's got, like, a 'great form factor' - or, more irritatingly, is a 'thing of beauty'. So to go the opposite way seems the only common sense thing. Also, who couldn't fail to be consumer-inspired by this ringing endorsement?:
An earlier cheap laptop plan by the same ministry came to nothing.
Yes it's an etch-a-sketch sold by a Bangladeshi version of Del Boy, and wouldn't all those feckin' fingerprints just spam your OCD to new levels? But as soon as they sort out a suitable piece of fruit for a logo (mango or papaya would be my punt) and an arbitrary noun to stick the letter 'i' in front of (iBacus perhaps, or iKnowitsnotapplebutitsnotapisstakepriceeither) I'll be sending my pre-order straight off to Mr. Sibal. I shouldn't be surprised if he's got a relative or two in need of a short fiscal stopover in my bank on the way to reciprocal riches either.

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